Eneo Advanced


A revolutionary, professional, FDA-cleared  medical device that provides improvements with long-lasting results. This non-invasive, tested, dermatologist-recommended device, changes the way anti-aging treatments have been performed for the past 15 years.

This unique technology gives you  long-lasting results helping to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Eneo - FDA Cleared Eneo - Recommended by Dermatologist  Eneo - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology

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Before You Start

Cleanse the skin with an oil-free cleanser, removing any make-up, oils, or other impurities. Once done- dry your skin.

After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream to the treated skin areas.


Apply the Eneo advanced on your skin while applying mild pressure, glide the Eneo advanced in small circular motions from bottom to top, treat each area for 4 minutes.
Finish your treatment by applying moisturizing cream to the treated areas after each session.

Treatment Regimen

To get the most out of your Eneo advanced it is recommended to use it three times a week for the first month, after the first month to maintain results- use once a week.


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Eneo Advanced includes a lifetime limited warranty.

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Avologi Eneo Advanced
Average rating:  
 79 reviews
by Paul on Avologi Eneo Advanced


by Jacquelene on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Just Amazing

Charlie in Nasau took 20 years off my face!

by Mary on Avologi Eneo Advanced

It works Charlie is great

by Lilly Powel on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Happy with the purchase

I use my Avologi ENEO Advanced three times a week when watching TV. I know that the device is working when someone compliments me on how beautiful I look. I am very happy with the device.

by Paula on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Worth every dollar

Avologi ENEO Advanced is an amazing device that works exactly as advertised. I have been using it for the past 12 weeks and it has left my skin looking smoother and the tone has also improved. It is definitely a worthy buy.

by Patricia M. on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Thanks for the package

Just to confirm that I received my order. The Avologi ENEO Advanced device is a great device. I also have to mention that their customer care is very friendly and helpful. Your customer support is simply one of the best. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Patricia.

by Bella on Avologi Eneo Advanced

Beautiful skin and a beautiful device

Very satisfied

Thank you

by Ellie Johnson on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Great for skin

I’m 35 years old and I started using Avologi ENEO Advanced so I could even out my facial skin. I started using it three times a week. After a month, I started using it twice per week. Now I’m into my third month and I’m only using it once a week. The results have remained constant and my skin as become smoother and healthier. This is a highly recommended product.

by Richard on Avologi Eneo Advanced

My Avologi ENEO Advanced device stopped working after two weeks. I contacted their support and they were kind enough to tell me the steps to take. I returned the device and I’m waiting for another one. They have been very friendly and professional, and I believe that this is a dependable company to deal with.

by Purity on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Excellent choice

I initially bought Avologi ENEO Advanced with the aim of firming up the skin on my neck. After seeing the results so measurable, I started using it on my face too. The heat is soothing and relaxing. This is an excellent choice for your beauty routine.

by Melissa on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Consistent results

I have had consistent results with this device from day one. During the first month, I used Avologi ENEO three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is the third month and I’m using it just once a week on Mondays. The results are still incredible. It soothes and tightens my skin and it has managed to even my skin tone.

by Bruce on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Quick delivery

I made my order online and I received my package just as planned. Everything was in order and the device works just fine.

by Peter on Avologi Eneo Advanced
The best anti-aging device

I can describe Avologi ENEO in four words: Best anti-aging device ever! This device has made a huge difference on my skin. My skin texture has improved, fine lines have significantly reduced, and the skin on my neck has firmed up a bit. It is a very recommendable product.

by Alice on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Definitely a must have

This product is the best. I have used it for six months now, once a week, for about 5 minutes per session. Like many people are saying, I can say that the results with Avologi ENEO Advanced are incredible. My skin is way better than it was before I started using it. My hope is that it is durable as I need it to keep my skin looking youthful. I would recommend this product to a friend.

by Naomi on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Thrilled with the results

About one month after I started using Avologi ENEO Advanced, my best friend pointed out that there was something different about my face. I didn’t disclose to her that I had started using the device, so when she noticed the difference, I knew that it was a genuine compliment. I will continue using this device.

by Ruth on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Great sensation

This is the second device I’m using. I didn’t have a good experience with first device I tried. It left my skin so dry and my skin broke out once after using it. A friend recommended that I switch to Avologi ENEO Advanced and it has been so gentle and soothing. I can even feel my skin tightening when using the device on my face. Anyone who has problems with the devices they are using should give this device a try.

by Anita on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and not many products work well for me. Luckily, Avologi ENEO Advance is very gentle on my skin and I haven’t had even one problem after using it. I love it.

by Amanda on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Results are satisfactory

I usually cleanse my skin and apply a moisturizing cream before using Avologi ENEO Advanced on my skin. I use it on my face and neck and so far the results have been satisfactory. I will continue using the product.

by Michele Matisoo on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Real aresults

I am a licensed aesthetician and worked for a plastic surgeon back in the day. I left my industry in 1995 to care for my family. My husband was serving in the military, we had 3 young children, and two of them have special needs. Over the years my adrenal glands were shot. Stress doesn’t help the skin look health! I’m now in my mid fifties. My skin looked fatigued, sagging and dull. While on vacation in Colorado, I was in family mod tooling around in Vail. A lovely young lady offered me a creme. I know high end sales. I humored her by letting her put an eye serum on me (Introstem). My kids were, shocked! “Get it Mom!” The lovely sales woman, Ellie, was professional, and sweet as could be. She asked me to come in for a facial the next day. I came in with excitement and expecting it to be a nice experience, but that was about it. What I wasn’t expecting it to be, was life changing. Mr Rosenberg gave me my facial. He couldn’t have been nicer. We talked aesthetics. I knew about the advances in paramedical esthetics, however gave it little thought. Life is busy and I’m a caregiver who looks out for others. He sad something I needed to hear. “You need to take 20 minutes for yourself.” He was right.a I loved my facial and the results with the ENEO were profound. My jawline and skin definitely showed improvement with one treatment. I purchased it. For the first time in 10 years, seeing my skin looking younger, radiant, and toned shocked me. I tried Botox a few years ago, and hated the results, cost, and knowledge that it was toxic. Take my opinion for what it’s worth. I’m sold, and I am deeply grateful for the kindness and care they showed me. My motto is treat others the way you want to be treated. Now my skin reflects how I feel on the inside.

Thank you Ellie and Mr. Rosenberg. I will send you my picture in nine months. I’ve tried it on other family members too!

by Mary on Avologi Eneo Advanced

After beeing very spectic I purchased after seeing a demo. I have been using ever since, and i am simply hooked on this device and the results it provides

by Portia on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Happy with the product

It’s been just one month since I started using Avologi ENEO Advanced and for the first time in a long time, I am confident stepping out of the house make-up free. The device has greatly improved my skin texture. The device has restored the glow that my skin had when I was a bit younger. I’m so happy with the product.

by Jazzy on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Beautiful product

I knew about Avologi ENEO Advance from a friend who was using it and was happy that it was working for her. I didn’t hesitate to buy it and I have been using it as per instructions. I love how soothing it is on my skin. It has reduced wrinkles on my face and neck area. I am happy with it so far.

by Kristina on Avologi Eneo Advanced
benutze es regelmäßig

Vor zwei Monaten erwarb ich Avologi Eneo. S. Atias beriet mich sehr gut. Das Hautbild wird tatsächlich verfeinert und die Fältchen geglättet. Die Haut spürt sich entspannter an. Ich möchte das Devise nicht mehr missen.

by Beatrice on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Great device

My journey with Avologi ENEO Advanced started in the beginning of this year (2019). Everything about this product is plausible, from the ease of use to the amazing effect it has on skin. I recommend it.

by Theresa on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Thrilled with the results

I rare wear makeup, but I try to make up for that by doing what I can for my facial skin and Avologi ENEO Advanced has worked wonders. It has been four weeks since I started using it and the results are very noticeable. My skin tone is getting more even and wrinkles are fading. I’m thrilled with the results.

by Rachel Woods on Avologi Eneo Advanced
I love this!

I’m 56 and I could easily pass for a 40-45 year old, thanks to this amazing device that is so easy to use. I have been using it for three months now, and my skin texture has tremendously improved. The facial skin and my neck have firmed up and the creases under my eyes are disappearing gradually. I feel lucky to have found this product now that I badly need an anti-aging solution.

by Marina on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Definitely worth the buy

I work at a beauty spa and I have come across many beauty products. Some of the most sought after are anti-aging products. Avologi ENEO Advanced is one of the anti-aging devices we have tested, and I can say that it is currently my personal favorite. I find it easy to use and the clients I have recommended it to are extremely happy with it too. If you haven’t invested in it yet, you should.

by Josephine on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Happy with it

I bought Avologi ENEO Advanced particularly for the under eye tightening. Using this device has helped firm up my facial skin. I am generally happy with the device.

by Carla on Avologi Eneo Advanced
It makes a huge difference

I would highly recommend this device. Two months after using Avologi ENEO Advanced, there is a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines. My skin is smooth and firmer than it was before. I’m really excited to recommend this device to friends and anyone who wants to maintain a youthful skin.

by Veronica on Avologi Eneo Advanced
Precious gift

My daughter gifted me with Avologi ENEO Advanced when I turned 70. All along, I had thought that anti-aging creams and serums were the be all and end all of getting youthful skin, so I was skeptical about the device. I decided to use it, mostly because my daughter kept asking me about my experience with it. Six weeks after using it, I actually have positive feedback to give her. Fine lines have faded and my skin is firmer. Now I’ve realized how precious this gift is.

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